Burton Silverman

Breaking the Rules, My Friend Wes

This session is a complete Oil Painting beginning with a loose brushing of the model. Burton Silverman shows us how and why it is right to rethink the position of the sitter and the corrections he makes and why. A truly delightful and educational demonstration of the portrait painting process done by a prolific and accomplished painter who is, in himself, delightful to watch and listen to. This film will be an asset to any artist wish to watch and learn more about portrait painting.

Drawing the Language of Vision

This presentation is a must for anyone seriously interested in learning to draw. In it the viewer is introduced to Burt’s method of teaching. He has had over 60 years of experience both in his workshops and at his studio. He starts the demo with an explanation of the importance of drawing. Silverman does two complete drawings in this film, one in charcoal on toned paper and one in pencil on paper. This is a comprehensive program on drawing which Mr. Silverman employs as both an illustrator and a painter.

Painting the Figure - Teresa

Burt Silverman is a wonderful teacher who does great demonstrations: very clear and thorough. In this presentation he explains all the techniques he uses to create a perfect likeness with the exactly expression of mood and personality. He is national recognized as a master illustrator and painter, with over 25 Time Magazines titles to his credit. He explains everything from the materials he uses to the changes he makes in the design of the painting and how to fix mistakes. This is a fabulous film on using watercolor for portraits.

Portrait of a Young Girl: Jenny

In this program one is able to watch and learn the nuances of portrait painting and the difficulties of painting an adolescent. Burt Silvermen adds to his excellence as a teacher when he admits to his mistakes and shows the viewer how he plans to correct them.  He is a fantastic teacher and describes to the student the how and why of everything he does.