Gregg Kreutz

Painting the Female Nude: Sandra

In this presentation, Mr. Kreutz shows how to use light and shadow, (chiaroscuro) as he takes the viewer from a blank canvas through the sketching and placement process to the completed work with mysterious shadow and brilliant light. He shows us how to develop the portrait in this completed painting of a nude, how to work with line and the interplay of cool shadows on warm flesh. He works hard to ensure that the viewer understand his palette, his colors, his development of flesh tones, and especially chiaroscuro. A very enlightening film for anyone interested in painting like Rembrandt. He is a very articulate teacher.

The Art of Still Life Painting

Kreutz teaches the viewer how to create a glow to his subject matter which is a fruit bowl. His paint application is extraordinary on the fruit, on the glass, on the wine bottle, on the metal bowl. Even the table cloth comes vividly alive.
He refers to a four-step process: placement, background, shadow and light. With this method, he knows exactly how he is going to develop his painting. He talks about each step, mentions every combination of color, explains what he is doing and why. He is easily understood as he demonstrates.

Mastering the Portrait, “The Painting of Rose” 

Gregg Kreutz shows the viewer how to give your painting punch by putting in wonderful, bright patches of light. “Placement of the figure, background, shadow and light is the order of progress in our painting” says Kreutz .This is just one of hundreds of bits of information that Gregg imparts, as part of a stream of instruction describing every motion he is making, every colors he is using along with the how and why he puts a piece of paint here and one there. There is a camera trained on his palette so that most color mixtures can be followed exactly.