Ian Roberts

Mastering The Composition - SOLD OUT!!

This presentation will help one build a foundation for consistently better painting. It is packed with over 2 ½ hours of encouragement, insight, tips, exercises, graphics, critique, and demonstrations. Ian shows the importance of seeing in terms of abstract shapes, shows the need for a structured layout and how the eye will move on the picture plane. In this film are ideas, techniques and examples that will help enormously to extract the most dramatic and powerful compositions from what the artist has chosen.

Plein Air Painting 

The viewer gains more than 30 years of experience with this presentation of Roberts on painting in the plein Air style. He gives you the feeling of being with him on one of his workshops. A terrific teacher with a warm and engaging teaching style, he’s able to meet a painter where they are, guide them at that level, with encouragement and precise insight. Starting with the fundamentals, Ian talks about the major factors in all representational painting, regardless of genre or medium: composition, value and color. He offers examples, ideas and exercises to improve all three.