Judith Carducci

Clouds and Sea

This is an alla prima, (done in one session,) pastel demonstration of a tropical landscape in which Judy show the viewer how she handles a dimly lit subject with rich contrasting colors. It features the view from the Gallery Inn Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, towards San Cristobal Fort, out across the sea and into a brilliant sunrise. The clouds, the sea coast and even the development of the sun’s radiating light is thoroughly described.

Fruitfulness, A Still Life in pastel

In this program, Judy demonstrates how to set up, explore and bring to life a wonderful still life. It has a sculpted, clay head against a wall, a bronze bull and some very ripe fruit. All these contrasting shapes and textures are clearly described. Judy “pushes the color”, as she tells us about what to put in, what to leave out and the skill necessary to “make the painting sing.”

Portrait Painting in Pastel: Nick

This is a very complete 3 hour demonstration of Judith Carducci’s showing all the techniques and thinking that go into painting the portrait of a Young Man. Judy starts with charcoal to layout the shadows and gestures in the portrait. Then, she goes right into beautiful color as she describes the features of the face, the anatomy of the arm and hand, and the folds of the shirt. This is one of the best presentations on portrait painting where the artist captures exactly the mood and likeness of the sitter.

Shadow and Light

Watch Judith Carducci talk about shadow and light in this inspiring DVD where she visits a busy street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico with fantastic blue cobble stones and beautiful architecture. Color, vibrancy, excitement, and old world charm all captured in the wonderful video of Plein Air painting sure to captivate and inspire the artist within you!